August 4, 2020

How Can I Solve Stress And Physical Complaints?

Keeping a diary can help you discover the connection between stress and physical complaints. Not only describe what happens on a daily basis, but also describe how you feel. This way you can also see afterwards what caused your stress, even if you did not realize it at the time. In addition, the following tips can help prevent stress and physical complaints:

  • Get enough sleep (seven to eight hours).
  • Keep moving. You may be inclined to stop moving because of a physical complaint, but moving is important for a healthy mind and a healthy body! Exercise helps you relax. For example, do soothing exercises, such as yoga .
  • Eat healthy. Do not eat foods with a lot of sugars. These can adversely affect your mood.
  • Drink no more than four cups of coffee a day. Caffeine leads to the production of adrenaline, which can make you feel tense and restless.
  • Limit drinking alcohol. Alcohol increases your mood and can disturb the quality of your sleep.
  • Set priorities. Identify which agreements are really important. Then say “no” to the agreements that are not currently prioritized. In this way you will give yourself a clearer agenda and more peace of mind.
  • Take the time for relaxation. For example, take a nice walk or read a good book. This will take you away from the stress situation.
  • Do relaxation exercises to stop both mentally and physically.
  • Ask for help. Can you no longer cope with work stress? Then indicate this to your colleagues. Together you can look for a solution.
  • Your doctor can also give advice on how to deal with stress. So ring the bell in time.

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