August 5, 2020

What Are The Consequences Of Chronic Stress?

Prolonged stress causes head, neck and back pain due to continuous tension of muscles . This is because muscles don’t get enough time to recover during stressful periods. The muscles sour and start to feel painful. This process can also occur at night. When you get up, you can feel stiff and stiff.


Complaints such as dizziness , eczema , intestinal complaints and heart complaints can also be a result of long-term stress. These are symptoms that can arise with short-term and long-term stress:

  •  Headache , neck and back problems and stiffness when standing up
  • Hyperventilation
  • Insomnia
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Blurred vision and double vision
  • High blood pressure and heart complaints
  • Stomach and intestinal complaints
  • Dizziness
  • Depression and burnout
  • Susceptibility to diseases and infections

Can physical complaints also lead to stress?

The physical reactions that occur with stress can sometimes cause anxiety and irritation. Continuing the complaint for a long time can also cause concern. For example, you wonder, “How long is this going to last?” and “will this ever pass?” Such thoughts and irritations can lead to new stress reactions. This way you get into a negative spiral of stress, physical complaints and therefore even more stress. The result: long-term stress and annoying physical complaints. Sometimes even long after the original reason that caused you stress!

How do I know if my physical complaint is a result of stress?

Whether stress is the cause of your physical complaint (s) cannot be demonstrated with a simple test. It is however possible to search for indications for this. It must first be excluded that the physical complaint is the result of a physical illness or deviation.

Especially if no obvious physical illnesses or abnormalities are found, it may be that stress plays a role. 

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